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Workshops & Facilitation

One-Day Workshops

Richard now offers three one-day workshops designed to transform your team over a short but intensive training session:

Learn to Lead on Purpose: Make purposeful actions the foundation of your leadership style
Pragmatic Innovation: Outside-the-box ideas that work inside the box
Beyond Golf : Improve your score in golf, business and life

Learn to Lead on Purpose: Make purposeful actions the foundation of your
leadership style

Are Your Managers Purposeful Leaders? Purposeful leaders:
  • Are clear in their intentions and actions, demonstrating consistent success in reaching long-term goals;
  • Take time to reflect and strategize, ultimately improving their efficiency;
  • Are consistently creative and innovative, setting them apart from others;
  • Sustain a healthy work-life balance, attaining a high level of satisfaction, fulfillment and overall happiness;
  • Are highly respected leaders and teammates.

In this workshop, Richard calls upon his diverse background as a strategic change agent and executive coach to demonstrate how – and why – leading with purpose is critical to achieving all-around success. The methods Richard introduces throughout the day are highly motivating and easy for leaders to quickly adopt into their own management styles. Details.

Pragmatic Innovation: Outside-the-box ideas that work inside the box

Creativity, while sometimes elusive, is what sets successful organizations apart. In this highly interactive workshop, Richard teaches a proven approach to increasing individuals’ and organizations’ capability for pragmatic creativity – creative thought within the constraints of real, defined parameters. You will learn the fundamentals of this basic, critical, and frequently overlooked component of workplace success. Details.

red arrowBeyond Golf Workshop: Improve your score in golf, business and life

The Beyond Golf Workshop is a unique product design for Corporate Leaders who are also in love with the ancient and royal game of golf. We utilize golf as a medium for self-discovery with the purpose of enhancing both the levels of performance AND fulfillment in golf, business and life. Through presentations, golf clinics and on-course challenges, our experienced and highly qualified leaders guide you through a series of original and creative exercises and discussions for an overall experience of self discovery. You will learn that the answers come from within, that you have the power to transform yourself and your game. Details.

Other Workshops

We understand that knowledge is only valuable when it becomes APPLIED KNOWLEDGE. In this perspective, we specialize in the development and the delivery of NOVEL, CREATIVE and EXPERIENTIAL workshops for corporate teams.

Suggested topics:
  • How to COACH your team to success
  • How to find PURPOSE and PERFORMANCE at work and in life

Corporate Retreat Facilitation

A corporate retreat will give your leadership team the opportunity to get away from the all-consuming day-to-day pressures and focus on the real work of a senior management team: Purposeful and Strategic Leadership.

We will help you clarify the goals for your session, develop an agenda for the meeting, and propose facilitation tools that are best suited to your specific objectives. We will then facilitate the session, document the meeting, and follow up with your team.

Suggestions for corporate retreats:
  • Clarify your corporate purpose, intent and vision
  • Analyze your specific competitiveness (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats)
  • Discuss and deliver on urgent decisions
  • Formulate and deliver creative solutions

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic planning and strategic implementation are the most important tasks of any leadership team. InnerWarrior Consulting has developed a highly efficient, applicable and proven model to designing and delivering corporate strategic plans.

Note: Richard is a Qualified Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator.