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ONE-DAY WORKSHOP: Learn to Lead on Purpose

Richard Monette

Are Your Managers Purposeful Leaders?

Purposeful leaders:
  • Are clear in their intentions and actions, demonstrating consistent success in reaching long-term goals;
  • Take time to reflect and strategize, ultimately improving their efficiency;
  • Are consistently creative and innovative, setting them apart from others;
  • Sustain a healthy work-life balance, attaining a high level of satisfaction, fulfillment and overall happiness;
  • Are highly respected leaders and teammates.

In this workshop, Richard Monette calls upon his diverse background as a strategic change agent and executive coach to demonstrate how – and why – leading with purpose is critical to achieving all-around success. The methods Richard introduces throughout the day are highly motivating and easy for leaders to quickly adopt into their own management styles.

Workshop Overview
Reactions to this Workshop
Who Will Benefit
Post-Workshop Coaching Options

Workshop Overview

What is a purposeful leader?
Richard provides the basis for this workshop with an inspiring discussion around two basic concepts:

  • What is purpose?
  • How are purpose and performance integrated into a leader’s daily activities?

How does a purposeful leader behave?
Richard has participants “job-shadow” a purposeful leader, exploring key behavioural competencies that make purposeful leaders effective and valuable:

  • Seeking and promoting complete success;<
  • Adapting leadership style as appropriate to any given situation;
  • Combating (and putting out) fires in a strategically aligned fashion;
  • Approaching decision-making as a process rather than an event;
  • Integrating strategic planning, tactical delivery and team development;
  • Engaging the whole team in developing and executing the strategy and
  • Promoting innovation by being systematically purposeful.

How does a purposeful leader deliver?
The crux of the workshop, Richard leads the process of building personalized scorecards designed to allow participants to focus and improve their purposeful leadership. At the end of this intensive exercise, participants will take away a renewed perspective on leadership. They will have gained an array of knowledge, skills, competencies and techniques to share the benefits of leading with purpose throughout their organizations.

Reactions to Learn to Lead on Purpose

Richard delivered Learn to Lead on Purpose during the 2007 Building Excellence for Future Leaders workshop, organized by the City of Calgary Planning Department. Comments from participants included:

“In my 16+ years with the City, this was the best development/course I have attended.”

“We should apply the learning ASAP.”

“Excellent! This workshop was outstanding.”

“It was great for future leaders; however, it would have been most valuable for our current leaders.”

Source: Building Excellence Workshop survey results, City of Calgary, Department of Planning

Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is ideal for leaders from organizations of all types and sizes. Richard will tailor his program to fit your organization’s needs.

Post-Workshop Coaching Options

Change is a process, never an event.

This workshop is an applied leadership development program. Some managers return to their fast-paced, sometimes overwhelming workplace and struggle to apply what they have learned. Through coaching or follow-up sessions, Richard ensures that your development investment is leveraged and incorporated within your organization.

Praise for Richard's One-Day Purposeful Leadership Workshop

In June 2008, Richard delivered his one-day Purposeful Leadership workshop to an intimate group of MPI members from the Greater Edmonton area. All participants took part in a follow-up questionnaire, and the results were glowing.

When asked to rate the following dimensions, 100% of participants replied ‘To a very great extent’:

  • Delivery of the presentation was organized and met the stated learning objectives
  • Speaker’s presentation skills were engaging and kept your attention
  • Speaker knew the subject matter and provided information that was relevant and useful
  • Time allotted for questions, answers and discussion was sufficient
  • The content met your educational expectations

When rating the following dimensions, 100% of participants indicated either ‘To a very great extent’ or ‘To a great extent’:

  • The content presented was consistent with the level you anticipated
  • You are likely to apply the new information or skills to your job / work setting
  • The handout added value to the presentation

Below are a few of the verbatim comments offered by the workshop participants:

One of the most empowering seminars I have attended!

Lots of interaction with group; thought-provoking discussion as group or one-on-one, since we were a smaller group; speaker was very encouraging to everyone and made everyone feel that they were special and had something important to contribute.

(Richard) is a great person and great speaker!

The size of the group was terrific; we were able to engage the speaker and ask questions when needed. Overall, I loved this presentation and thought that (Richard) did a terrific job!

Optional post-workshop executive coaching is available in person or by phone. Richard also offers “Refreshers at Lunch” sessions.

For more information and pricing, please contact us via e-mail: