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Canada Delivers at the 2010 Olympics!!!

Richard Monette was part of the Canadian delegation at the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver.

Richard with 2010 Olympic Medalists
Richard with Olympic medalists Helen Upperton and Lyndon Rush
Richard was part of the Mental Performance Consultant Team to Bobsleigh-Canada Skeleton. He was also on site as a team member and resource service provider for B2ten.

During the games, Richard worked closely as a mental performance consultant with many athletes, to help them achieve their goals. Two of these athletes won Olympic medals: Helen Upperton who won a silver medal with teammate Shelley-Ann Brown as well as Lyndon Rush who piloted his 4-man Bobsleigh team of Lascelles Brown, Chris Lebihan and Dave Bisset to a bronze medal.
These two victories were especially rewarding for the challenges these courageous athletes overcame en route to the Olympics. The Upperton-Brown medal came after a very difficult season for Richard’s long-term client, pilot Helen Upperton. In her resilience in the face of sustained adversity, Helen contributed to one of the greatest Canadian Olympic victories by winning the silver medal behind the other Canadian Bobsleigh team of pilot Humphries and Moyse. Not only did Canada take the top two positions, but it was Canada's first ever medals in Olympic Women’s Bobsleigh (Watch the video).

Richard with olympic Medalist Rush and Bobsleigh Canada head coach Tuffy Latour
Richard with Olympic medalist
Rush and Bobsleigh Canada
head coach Tuffy Latour
Another great story of the 2010 winter Olympics is the emergence of B2ten as captured in the Globe and Mail and the Wall Street Journal. B2ten is a privately funded, not-for-profit organization that supports Canadian elite athletes so they may succeed at the highest level of international competition. B2ten supports athletes by providing access to training resources, support services and technology that meet the specific needs of each athlete.

During these Olympics, B2ten supported 9% of the athletes that represented Canada. In turn, these B2ten-supported Olympians contributed to 40% of the medals won by Canada.

To quote the latest B2ten newsletter, “The 2010 Olympics have been a wonderful journey, a journey that could not have taken place without the contribution of so many. Richard Monette likes to call it a long list of random acts of kindness.”

Mission Accomplished Canada!