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Richard is leading “Active for life” – Igniting a movement to healthy and successful kids

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Richard has been tagged a “renaissance man” – a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. His most recent projects support this descriptor. Beyond his consultancy as a human and organizational performance consultant, Richard has lead the “Active for Life” campaign for the past year. The purpose of the campaign is to educate parents about the importance of teaching their kids “physical literacy”. Physical literacy is the acquisition of a diversity of movement and sport skills early in life. This is critical, as science tells us that physically literate kids are more likely to be “Active for Life”

This project came about following the 2010 Olympics when the leadership team of B2ten, which included Richard, asked the question: “What is an Olympic Medal really worth?” This question was put on the table after B2ten successfully supported many Canadians athletes to medals. The answer was unanimous: An Olympic medal is worth a lot if it ALSO inspires millions of children in becoming active and healthy.

As a result, the Active for Life campaign was born with the intention of leveraging the great accomplishments of Canadian Olympians. As part of the campaign, Richard has overseen the development of a web site, the emergence of a newsletter, as well as the production of a Public Service Announcement.


On that note, the first PSA of the campaign, titled “recess”, has been shortlisted for the prestigious ACIP award that will be given out on June 12 at the Museum of Modern Art of New York.

The campaign is well summarized in the “about” section of the Active for Life web site. As well, the following video, Physical Literacy explained in 3 minutes is a “must watch”.