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Our Values

(val·ue, noun : a principle or quality intrinsically valuable or desirable)

“You only perform as well as you feel you deserve.”
This value has been proven true many times. One of our main purpose is to help our clients and partners raise their own perception of what they feel they deserve. We achieve this through clarity of intentions (see the InnerWarrior Cycle™), systematic purpose and a sound systematic approach to increasing applicable knowledge.

“The way you play the game is the way you play the game.”
We believe that what you learn in one arena is applicable in another. This value is reflected in our universal framework for performance, based in sound business, sport psychology and educational principles, particularly applicable to business. Good examples of how to apply this value are our unique and highly efficient Beyond Golf ­ Improve your score in golf, business and life workshop and keynote presentation.

“Higher performance is nothing if it is not accompanied by higher fulfillment.”
In our human quest for achievement, we must also pursue a higher level of fulfillment for all involved.

“Travel light.”
We believe that to achieve higher levels of performance AND fulfillment, one must get rid of any unnecessary baggage –- physical or emotional. To quote Irving Pirsig Jr., the main character in Richard Monette's latest book The Gift: “I discovered that the only thing that really mattered was my right to pursue my own questions and find my own answers. True freedom, that was the gift of my quest....”

“Our challenge is to simplify complexity, without denying it.”
Wise words from one of our mentors, D. Bob Gowin, professor emeritus, Cornell University and Stanford University. To live up to this crucial challenge, we have developed a systematic thinking sequence called the InnerWarrior Cycle™. This cycle allows us and our clients to be purposeful –- to deliver maximum focus and energy in each action.