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Top Reasons Why You Need Richard as Your
Peak Mental Performance Trainer

1. Experience and proven success.

Richard's model and approach holds up in the real world. In the athletic world, he is a peak mental performance consultant to:
  • World champion athletes;
  • Olympic medallists;
  • Aspiring professional athletes;
  • National teams; and
  • Sport academies.
His methods are continuously tested and improved to meet the challenges athletes face. Over time, his approach has evolved into a model he describes as "… a universal framework for enhanced performance and fulfillment, particularly relevant to a wide range of occupations and organizations."

2. Completely custom-built programs.

Richard ALWAYS customizes his training and presentation to fit your specific needs. His main goal is to help the athlete become mentally tougher and learn to sustain their optimal level of performance under pressure. Richard's athletes learn how to:

  • Perform better under pressure;
  • Play to strengths and grow from weaknesses;
  • Take full ownership of your own development;
  • Control emotions in a positive and effective manner;
  • Increase your level of self-confidence;
  • Increase you ability to self-motivate;
  • Control your attitude;
  • Increase your level of self-discipline;
  • Visualize to understand better and learn faster; and
  • Improve your overall perspective in all aspects of life.

3. You take full ownership of your development.

Richard coaches athletes by using his InnerWarrior Cycle™, a unique and highly effective thinking sequence that leads athlete to be systematically purposeful. Purposeful athletes invest maximal focus and energy into every action they perform. As a result, these athletes become clear on how they must think and behave to achieve their goal. This enhanced clarity and the ownership they acquire mentally leads to more efficient and effective physical improvement in performance.

4. You will become more mature in sport and life.

Richard always links the peak mental performance techniques and skills he coaches to other aspects of the athlete's life. As a result, Richard's clients become more mature as people, as well as more effective as athletes.

Learn how Richard's techniques have strengthened accomplished world class athletes Jeff Pain (Olympic skeleton silver medallist) and Helen Upperton (World Cup bobsleigh gold medallist).