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Top 10 Reasons to Hire Richard Monette to Speak at Your Next Event

1. Richard Monette delivers a powerful, effective, INSPIRATIONAL message that holds up in the real world. (Experience, experience, experience!)
Beyond his role as a highly respected and experienced speaker, Richard works day to day as a performance consultant to corporate leaders and world class athletes. His methods are continuously put to the test and improved to meet the challenges of real life situations. As a result, Richard’s approach has evolved into a model he describes as “… a universal framework for enhanced performance and fulfillment, particularly relevant to a wide range of organizations.”

2. Richard’s approach is ORIGINAL and TIMELY!
Our current fast-paced existence knows just one constant: change. And yet most of us, including corporations and society’s leaders, struggle to make sense of change. Richard believes we all have the tools we need to thrive in our times, once we learn how to transform knowledge into APPLIED knowledge. Richard’s understanding of this process gives him a novel and practical perspective on achieving success.

3. Richard offers a variety of DYNAMIC and INSPIRING presentations.
Having coached Olympic athletes, distinguished corporations, and many other types of organizations, Richard's topics are always unique, inspiring, and relevant.

4. Richard's speaking style is engaging and thought-provoking.
A natural storyteller as well as an expert coach, Richard has a wealth of thought-provoking, real-life anecdotes to share. View video clips of Richard in action.

5. Richard boasts a STELLAR client list and a ROCK-SOLID track record.
Richard’s renown in the speaking world stems from the wealth of experience he has gained, delivering his ideas to an impressive list of successful organizations including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nova Chemical, Lafarge Cement, Samson Canada Ltd., Movie Central, The National Screen Institute - Canada, Telus, Toronto Dominion Bank, The Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Investors Group, TransAlta Utilities, and many others. See samples of his clients' testimonials to learn more.

6. He offers FULLY-CUSTOMIZED programs.
Worried that Richard’s content might not be quite right for your group? Push your fears aside: Richard’s message is universally relevant and applicable. He will customize his message and presentation to fit your group’s unique and specific needs.

7. He’s a TRAINED EDUCATOR and a master storyteller.
Richard holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with a specialization in teaching and learning. His academic background includes studies in the fields of education, sport psychology and business. His past experience teaching at every level has allowed him to master the art of storytelling, an effective and inspiring approach that both educates and motivates his audience, allowing them to leave his presentation ready to apply his tools to life.

8. PARTY FAVOURS! You will receive 30 complimentary copies of Richard’s latest book to distribute among your group.
Richard’s latest book, The Gift, is a riveting story built around the metaphor of learning golf as a means of achieving heightened performance in business and life. To quote Tracy Lyn Moland, author of the bestseller Mom Management and an avid non-golfer, “The gift is not just a golf book, not just a self-help book, but a combination that is captivating: an intriguing path to finding purpose and performance in all aspects of life.”

9. He expertly adapts the idea of PLAYING THE GAME to address real life scenarios.
People love to play games. In working closely with world champion and Olympic athletes, Richard realized the value of using the metaphor "playing the game" to lead all his clients, regardless of vocation, to success in all aspects of their work and lives. Having honed his approach, Richard is now one of the only speakers in the world who uses the metaphor of golf – the most popular game in the corporate world – to deliver a highly entertaining and powerful performance message at corporate golf tournaments – the most ubiquitous of corporate events.

10. C’est vrai: Richard is completely BILINGUAL.
Richard is a world-class speaker who can deliver all his presentations in either French or English: or both!

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