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Rave Reviews for The Gift!

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" Author Richard Monette is a performance coach and sports psychologist with a great message for everyone. And, fortunately for us players, he's used golf as the setting folded his message into a clever novel entitled The Gift. The golfer in me was captivated by the story and the possibilities of what it could bring to my game while my professional side came away with good stuff to think about back at the office. I highly recommend this one for your winter reading list."
- Web Site

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"Every once in awhile I come across something extraordinary. Such is this book. It will captivate you from the beginning, because most of us golfers can relate to the characters in this story. The quest for a better golf-swing ultimately leads the main character to find out more about himself and this life. A fascinating story from start to finish. "
- Golf Health Web Site

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"Monette approaches the novel with a unique background as a corporate performance coach, sports psychology consultant to professional athletes and even one of Canada’s Olympians. This highly readable story aims and succeeds in 'recapturing the focus, drive, creativity and open-mindedness of play.' "
- Web site

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