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Canadian Olympic Victory in Bobsleigh - Vancouver, B.C., February 2010

Special Features and Newspaper Articles (pdf format)

Medals and More Than Medals - Globe & Mail, Feb 16, 2010
Canada Group Makes Medals its Business - Wall Street Journal, Feb 13, 2010
Businesses support Canadian Athletes - Columnist Terry Jones, Slam! Sports, Feb 2010
LeBihan, Dan Humphries and Lascelles Brown celebrate their bobsleigh World Cup win on Saturday in Utah. - Vancouver Sun, Dec 2009
2-Way Race - Globe & Mail, Nov 24, 2009
B2ten could have the formula for Olympic medals -, Nov 25, 2008
Pain Learns to Have Fun Again - Vancouver Sun, March 18, 2008
Canada's Upperton wins 2nd bobsled gold - CBC Sports, Jan 19, 2008
Upperton golden in bobsleigh race - CBC Sports, Nov 30, 2007
Relaxing the Mind a Key Component in Competitive Athletes Off Season - The Banff Crag & Canyon,
Apr 17, 2007
Helen Upperton: Fast-Tracked Development - CBC Sports Online, Dec 1, 2006
Profil francophone - Une approche efficace, Richard Monette - Le Chinook, Oct 15 - Nov 15, 2006
Canadian Sliders Carving Winning Path - Globe & Mail; Feb 6, 2006
Calgary's Pain Wins World Cup Crown - Canadian Press, Feb 3, 2006
Pain Sees Career Gain in Playing Team Game - National Post, Feb 2, 2006
Pain at Peak of Podium - Globe & Mail, Jan 28, 2006
Pain's Relief - Calgary Sun, Jan 28, 2006
How Golf Can Make You a Better Manager - From the Globe & Mail's "Report on Business" magazine, October 2005

Magazine Articles (pdf format)

Be Confident - "Mind Space" column for MaxxFitness magazine (May/Jun '09)
Building a Successful Legacy, One Purposeful Act at a Time - article for The Banff Centre's Leadership Compass (Summer 2008)
Making a Big Dent
- article in Calgary Inc. magazine featuring the CEO of one of Richard's clients, Curve Technologies (November 2007)
Integrating Purposeful Reflection and Performance - article for The Banff Centre's Leadership Compass (Summer 2007)
Peak Purpose - "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine (Spring 2007)
A Day in the Life of an Olympian - Impact magazine
Your Inner Coach - "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine
How to Deal With Irrational Fears - "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine
How to Psyche Out Your Opponent - "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine
How to Handle Losing - "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine
Motivation Cultivation - Sticking to Goals
- "Head Games" column for MaxxFitness magazine

Other Publications (pdf format)

Radio Interviews (mp3 format)

Entrevue Radio Canada - Le don de Richard Monette - CBC Radio French
What I do - Mountain FM (Canmore, AB); 3.5 MB mp3 file
On Working with Olympic Athletes - 960; 6.0 MB mp3 file
A Sport Psychology Expert Working with Olympic Athletes - CBC - 1.5 MB mp3 file

Online Features (links)

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