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Add the discipline, determination, and goal-setting tactics of an Olympic athlete to your own approach and experience winning results.
In this dynamic and motivating keynote, Richard draws upon his professional experience working as a peak mental performance coach with Olympic athletes to illustrate the parallels for achieving success in business and other areas of life.

Participants will learn about:

Performing Under Pressure
Strategic Thinking
Playing to Strengths
Growing from Weaknesses
Staying Creative and Flexible
Learning and Incorporating New Knowledge and skills
Self-Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring and Supporting Others
Controlling Emotions in a Positive and Effective Manner

Clientele: This motivational presentation is ideal for everyone from front line staff to executive leaders interested in improving their level of performance and fulfillment in all aspects of work and life. Richard is willing to customize his program in terms of length and message to fit your needs.

Case Study:
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