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KEYNOTE: Beyond Golf

Improve your score in golf, business, and life

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In an 18-hole round of golf, you experience the full spectrum of emotion. Golf challenges you both physically and mentally; you strive to surpass yourself and overcome your uncertainties—in short, to perform at your maximum capacity. Golf is a window through which you can identify the elements of performance that also determines your success in personal and professional life.

In Beyond Golf—The Keynote Presentation, Richard pulls together professional experience and personal passion. He presents golf as the perfect arena for corporate performers to learn how to face new challenges and incorporate new knowledge, skills, and perspectives. He uses his insightful analysis to reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and offers ways to grow beyond these.

In a relaxed and entertaining style, Richard adds unique, applicable educational and developmental components to your corporate golf outing.

Participants will learn about:

Performing Under Pressure
Strategic Thinking
Playing to Strengths
Growing from Weaknesses
Staying Creative and Flexible
Learning and Incorporating New Knowledge and skills
Self-Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring and Supporting Others
Controlling Emotions in a Positive and Effective Manner

Clientele: This presentation is ideal before or after a corporate golf event. Both Golfers and non-golfers will greatly benefit. Richard is willing to customize his program in terms of length and message to fit your needs.


Beyond Golf brochure (PDF)


Focus, discipline, calculated risk taking and creativity are essential components of a successful golfer's strategy. In the Beyond Golf program, Richard demonstrates how to master and incorporate these key elements into everyday business and personal situations.
-- Gordon Smeaton, Vice President International Marketing, National Football League

I realized Richard's presentation had connected with the participants but it was not until days following the staff golf tournament that I realized how much they took away from it. While most golf tournaments are memorable for anecdotal golf tales, our event was much more valuable because days later staff members were still referencing keys learning from the presentation. Richard exceeded the expectations of our management team by introducing an element of professional development that took a standard company golf day to a whole new level.
Joyce Van Zeumeren, VP Marketing, Movie Central, Calgary, Alberta

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