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Testimonials for The Gift

Wow, what a discovery!

To explain the context:
I’ve just woke-up early this morning so I could finish reading your book
The Gift before university. This is unlike me, as I have only read « required» books to date in my life as well as The Alchemist by Coehlo. I devoured your book in three days, to the great surprise of my family and I. I’ve been looking at your book for 2 years every time I went to visit one off my good friend and this past weekend, he lent it to me.

To thank you:
I want to thank you personally because your character Pirsig really took hold of me. I even re-read the book in diagonal to make sure I truly understood everything. I am really at the same point where Pirsig was at the beginning the book: I am gifted, I am good, but I don’t have the passion required. I have all the levels of Maslow’s pyramid (friends, family, success), what is missing is the little tip of the pyramid that will make all the difference: personal accomplishment. Let’s call it as we may (the quest) is that part that Irving finally finds in your novel. For a while now, I have been looking for personal accomplishment. I have been making my way and feel that I am getting closer to it. I surround myself with people who can talk about it, but rare are people my age who are engaged on a quest.

Again, I would like to really emphasize what your book has brought me. I have never met you, but you are a hero to me. One that had the courage to push the boundaries and that shares what he has discovered in a splendid way. I have always thought important to share with people I admire what I believe, because few have qualities like yours. I believe it is important that that you are motivated by the fact that your message stuck ­— that it had a profound effect.

--Mathieu Laneuville

I am an avid reader and I put The Gift on my TOP 5 of all time and. My husband loved this book, because it is about golf. I loved this book because it isn’t.
--Karen Sorensen, President, Catalyst Consulting, Alberta, Canada

I read The Gift over the weekend and it is truly remarkable! Congratulations! You deserve much success with it.
--John Amatt, President, One Step Beyond World Wide, Alberta, Canada

Richard, I want to tell you what a great book
The Gift is. I received it as a gift (no pun intended) during a visit in the Canadian Rockies, and I must say that reading it was the highlight of my trip!
-- John Shea Senior, Retired Insurance executive, Ontario, Canada

Richard: I read your book over the weekend, once I started reading it couldn't put it down. Where did you come up with thoughts like: " Imagine in your old age having the wisdom of the world and no time to fear"...."Embrace the uncertainty of your swing"? I guess you were in your "zone" and your programmer took over.

Enjoyed your book, I can see you getting with a screenplay writer and developing a "Field of Dreams" type movie with your book.

-- Joe Ciancio Lake Forest, California

Richard, what an excellent book you wrote. Couldn’t put it down and I read it in 3 days. A great display of male sensibility!

-- Marc Biron, Teacher and Sport Psychology consultant, Québec, Canada

The Gift is a very good book!! I am making everyone I know read it
--Sterling Mintzer, Wallace Lake, Michigan

I read The Gift while on a golf retreat with my college roommates. The gift is very good reading – a very interesting book that is different from anything I have read before. I found it fun and very thought-provoking
--Mike Anton, Woodland Hills, California

The Gift is a riveting story built around the metaphor of learning golf as a means of achieving heightened performance in business and life. Life is about pursuing the person that we want to become and about creating stories that lead to perfect fulfillment. "Ben Hogan would never play to his potential if he didn't quiet down the endless self-doubt that demolished his game from the inside." This well written novel is worth reading and re-reading.
--Vera Goodman, author and founder of the Reading Wings Coaching System

The Gift now sits atop a list of truly great reads in my life. Reading The Gift brought me back to the many Joseph Campbell books I used to devour when I was younger and searching for answers. Irving Pirsig Jr's story was indeed the classic hero's journey. A reminder to all of us to follow our bliss.

This book has had a profound impact on how I will return to my work and my golf game. Pirsig's story will stay with me. Thanks again for a great book, Richard.

-- Stephen McDermott, Regional Vice President, Manulife Investments

It was a pleasure to read Richard's book. The story is compelling and the life experiences the main character goes through to develop awareness is very revealing of the path we all need to walk in order to be who we really are to express our uniqueness powerfully. I had a few ahah moments when the main character learns to manage his inner voices. That is brilliant. I knew this but it is expressed in a manner that hit home. I use some of these concepts on working with our inner voices in coaching regularly. When you learn to manager your inner voices so your "inner team" is on board with the vision and the passion, extraordinary performance is truly possible.
-- Diane Bonneau, CUCG, PCC, Executive Coach

Richard has done a great job at creating a wonderful book that combines a captivating story with performance enhancement teachings. I will include this book as part of my initial introduction with all my clients and athletes. As I told Richard personally, I think everyone should read this book for ideas on how to improve the quality of their life.
-- David Pollitt, CSCS*D, Optimal Performance Strength & Conditioning Consulting, University Ice Dukes Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have a habit of rating all books that I read from 1 to 10; 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. A rating of 7 or more I consider worthy reading a second time, either for entertainment value or factual knowledge. I have never rated any book 10 of 10.

I am not a golfer but still considered Richard's book a 9. There is excellent entertainment mixed in with what I believe tremendous tools. The tools being; practice and focus. Practice, practice, practice does not make you better, only perfect. Practice with focus leads you to perfection. I enjoyed the book very much.

-- John W Doyle / Non-Golfer, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

THE GIFT is one of those hard to put down reads, and I finished it in two days. Very compelling to the golfer and corporate leader in me!
-- Doug Macnamara, Executive Leadership Consultant

THE GIFT is not just a golf book, not just a self-help book, but a combination that is captivating. An intriguing path to finding purpose and performance in all aspects of life.
-- Tracy Lyn Moland, Author of the best seller "Mom Management"

I couldn't put the book down, I read it in one session. I am currently going through some inner turmoil about what I want out of life and I found it hit a nerve regarding the search for some meaning in our lives.
-- Nick Holyome / Non-Golfer Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

What intrigues me in THE GIFT is it profound yet simple blueprint for how anyone can experience the rare, joyous thrill of real success and peace of mind. Richard Monette has unearthed a mother lode, and the gold are here for the taking.
-- Printer Bowler, Author of the The Cosmic Laws of Golf and Everything Else

Without a doubt this is an incredible book with significant meaning, depth and valuable insight. I was inspired, entertained and moved.

Though the story centers around golf, (which I'm not really into), it is really the author's symbol of life...either work, personal or whatever element you want to understand and improve. THE GIFT teaches us that we are all sport, in life, in business. Those who succeed in any and all aspects of life have a purpose, a quest, a desire...a relentless pursuit of achieving perfection.

"Play Life"...(loved the inscription) it like a game you love, play every shot like it was your last. If you give it everything you have you will indeed succeed. I sincerely loved it!
-- Karen M Bishop / Non-Golfer, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

Richard, you have crafted a book which is at once thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable to read.
-- Tom Jones, Regional Development Manager North America and The West Indies, International Rugby Board