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Le dernier livre de Richard Monette.

Dans ce roman captivant,
les allées de golf sont présentées comme une métaphore de la quête
de la performance, dans
les affaires et dans la vie.

Le Don

"Le Don" touchera le cœur
et l’esprit de tous les golfeurs.

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Testimonials about Beyond Golf

The broad spectrum of Richard Monette's clientele is a testimonial to his ability to effectively and efficiently communicate, motivate and promote passion for excellence. All of Richard's clients have in common a desire to succeed and a recognition of his talent as a speaker and facilitator. Here is what some of them have to say.

The workshop was excellent and was well worth it. You have created a unique program with tremendous potential for both golf and life experiences. After the workshop, I found that I was able to confront many issues in normal life with greater ease and efficiency. Bonus!

Followup: I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding a tough match I have recently played. Everyone was expecting my opponent to win as he has been playing very consistently lately; and I have been a disaster. I recalled your comments about "deserving the win" and analyzed myself closely. I was completely convinced that I had worked hard to improve and had dedicated myself to winning. I deserved this win! So; on with the task. I had to work on some technical parts to my swing which I did the few days before the match; then I had to work on my game plan. I worked on my plan to the point where I didn't sleep the night before and rose in the morning completely exhausted. Even though I was tired my resolve had not diminished. I seemed to draw energy from unknown places and certainly didn't have the physical energy. I was able to focus under complete duress. My knees ached from the stress and I could feel whatever energy I did have leaving me about the third hole. Still, something inside would not let me quit. I was overcoming mental tiredness and physical emptiness. All I know is that I have played like this before and won and I am sure that I can do it again.

I think that your insight to " deserving the win" was inspirational and correct. I think that I can overcome obstacles with a positive mental perspective, and that I can't be beaten by myself. Two thumbs up for your workshop; it has given me more tools to be successful. It has taken some time to work through; but it was worth it.

-- Don Howe, President, Howe Fabrication, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Beyond Golf taught me that the game of golf is not really a game at all. It is merely a reflection of what I believe myself to be capable of acheiving. Since I talked to you last, I scored two 75's and a 76 and a 74 on a par 69 course and after changing my grail, I went from an 81 to a 76 on the par 72 course that we live on.
-- John Avient, Edmonton, Alberta

I realized Richard's presentation had connected with the participants but it was not until days following the staff golf tournament that I realized how much they took away from it. While most golf tournaments are memorable for anecdotal golf tales, our event was much more valuable because days later staff members were still referencing keys learning from the presentation. Richard exceeded the expectations of our management team by introducing an element of professional development that took a standard company golf day to a whole new level.
-- J. Van Zeumeren, VP Marketing, Movie Central

Richard, It is interesting! Friday before playing I set my grail to shoot 86 or better. Was not striking irons as well as I would like but was really enjoying the round. Made some long putts but was unaware where I stood as I missed 2 shots on last hole but still managed to chip real close for a double bogey. Final score, 86! Amazing. I pushed My wife Dee to set a grail for Saturday that challenged her. Misssed a chance for par on 1st hole but then had 3 pars in a row, (a record for her), and ended up with a 42 on front 9. Let things get to her a little on back but still shot 98, her lowest score ever. Will keep working on it and keep you posted.
-- Marvin and Dee Marks, Baltimore, MD

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