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CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Universal Framework for Performance

Richard believes the key to success lies in making a true commitment to transformation; to accept that formidable challenges lay ahead in improving personal performance. The fundamental concepts that shape Richard's approach include:

Performance transcends our lives
Performance cannot be isolated and contained within separate pockets of our lives. The human drive to improve lives at the core of our personal potential, regardless of how we apply it. Richard's approach integrates personal values, perspectives, strategies, and behaviours. He works with his clients to identify these and evaluate the steps needed to achieve higher levels of personal performance.

Creativity has a pragmatic side
Darwin was right. It is not strength or intelligence which ensure survival, but rather adaptability. Richard has observed that adapting to change involves creative thinking, but within the parameters of change. Based on this, he works to improve his clients' performance using his principle of Pragmatic Creativity, which allows clients to learn how challenging limitations and boundaries can – and do – initiate creativity. He explores techniques and behaviours which teach clients to apply new knowledge to a changing situation, quickly and with measurable results.

Step into the arena and play the game
Richard, an athlete himself, realizes that when we play a game or sport, we are focused, determined, creative, strategic... all the elements that shape performance. As we step into the arena of our game, we are prepared to reveal our strengths and weaknesses; we acknowledge these and still strive to win. And whether we win or not, we gain a great deal from the experience. Richard helps his clients learn how to apply these elements of performance, innate in our inherent desire to play, to the arenas of business and personal life.