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CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: The InnerWarrior Cycle™ - Systematic Purpose

Purposeful Leaders
In our experience we have realized that many leaders are busy but not necessarily as purposeful as they could be. By purposeful, we mean leaders that invest maximum energy and focus into each task in the delivery of a strategic intent.

The Challenge
Most of our clients and leaders don’t believe they can afford the TIME to become purposeful.

Richard created the InnerWarrior Cycle™ -- an easily applicable THINKING sequence that teaches applied purpose at the strategic, tactical and personal levels of any organization. We have used this cycle as the fundamental process to capture and apply knowledge leading to improve performance in all of our programs.

The 4 steps of InnerWarrior Cycle™

Clear Intention
Clarify the true essence of what it is that you want to accomplish. Many of our clients are surprised to realize that their intent is not always as clear as it could be in light of the results they want to deliver.

Clear Actions
Pure performance -- a higher state of performance. One in which one (people and organizations) performs in the moment and without fear of making mistakes.

Complete Feedback
Capture the TANGIBLE (score, results, numbers) and INTANGIBLE (conflicts, personality, feelings) outcomes of one's actions.

Comprehensive, Truthful Assessment
Analyze the outcome of one's action in light of the original intention. This assessment leads to a restatement of the original INTENTION. This process always leads to PRAGMATIC and CREATIVE perspective, ideas and processes favoring higher levels of purpose and performance.

Some examples of the power of CLEAR INTENTION delivered through the InnerWarrior Cycle™:

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