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Five Reasons Why You Will Benefit from Richard’s Coaching

1. You will become a purposeful leader and manager
An effective leader must REFLECT upon and PRIORITIZE their actions to deliver the corporate strategic intent. Although this might seem obvious, my experience has proven that many managers, leaders and executives are not as purposeful as they could be. Supporting my observation, Bruch and Ghosal spent 10 years studying the managerial habits within a dozen large corporations including Sony, L.G.E., and Lufthansa. They concluded that “...90% of managers squander their time in all sorts of ineffective activities. Only 10% of managers spend their time in a committed, purposeful and reflective manner...”

I bring value to my client by coaching them on how to be part of the top 10% of truly purposeful and effective leaders.

2. You will learn and implement the InnerWarrior Cycle™ – a thinking sequence that promotes systematic purposefulness.

Over many years working as a change agent and performance coach for organization and leaders, I have concluded that:

1. To be effective, managers and executive leaders MUST be purposeful.
2. Most managers, executives and leaders don’t feel they have the time to be PURPOSEFUL (or to reflect and prioritize).

The challenge was to develop a simple, fast and easily applicable SEQUENCE of thinking that will teach executives to be purposeful at all time. To meet this challenge, I have created the InnerWarrior Cycle™. The InnerWarrior cycle is a systematic approach to enhance performance at the personal, tactical and strategic levels.

3. You will become a better coach to your own team .
The main task of any leader/manager is to effectively coach his/her own team in elevating their level of performance while enhancing the degree of fulfillment they get from their work. The leader's challenge is to present a vision and act in ways that will inspire, motivate and lead others to positive change. To achieve this objective, I coach my clients in the following:
  • Building a REAL team by opposition to a GROUP;
  • Managing performance via a balance scorecard approach;
  • Maintaining leadership presence and communication skills;
  • Aligning the strategic, tactical, and personal Intents within the organization.
4. You will improve specific personal leadership traits as required.
Within the coaching process, many personal leadership traits are exposed and improved. Such traits might include:
  • Clear and Effective Communication – How to communicate to achieve positive results.
  • Performance Management – How to motivate your team to improve more quickly and function at a higher level.
  • Strategic Implementation – How to deliver the strategic plan and get your team on-board with its implementation.
  • Crisis Management - How to lead people through periods of corporate change.
  • Coaching and Mentoring – How to evolve from simply managing to empowering your people.
  • Life-Work Balance – How to achieve individual sustainability and incorporating a long-term health perspective – a key ingredient in achieving organizational success.
  • Performing under pressure
  • Flexibility and Creativity
5. Accountability
Richard always institutes a balance scorecard system to keep track of clients' progress. Richard coaches motivated managers and executives who possess the technical know-how how to lead others with purpose and deliver results.

For applied examples of Richard's approach, see his Case Studies. Also see his Testimonials.