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Performance and Leadership Coach to Executives and Managers

A title doesn’t necessarily make you a leader…

Richard Monette,  Performance and Leadership Coach to Executives and Managers
Becoming a respected, purposeful, and effective leader requires:
  • Technical Know-How: mastery of the technical knowledge of your area of expertise;
  • Leadership Know-How: mastery of the human component – managing the intangible elements of human behavior and leading to a higher level of performance AND fulfillment; and
  • Continually Challenge Yourself: The courage to seek excellence and continuously improve (i.e. change) yourself.

Richard delivers a series of novel and proven skills, based on his indepth knowledge and unique perspective, that will elevate his client’s overall leadership performance while achieving a higher degree of fulfillment in his or her work. He is also a Qualified Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator. A great example of his approach is found in his case study: Purposeful Leadeship at The Banff Centre's Development Office.

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