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Testimonials & Clients


The rich diverseness of Richard's clients is a testament to the universality and applied value of his approach. A sample of his clients includes:

Nova Chemical
Lafarge Cement
The Banff Centre Development Office - See Case Study
Movie Central / Shaw
The National Screen Institute - Canada - See Case Study
The Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Investors Group
Curve Technologies Software Development - See Case Study
TransAlta Utilities
Advantage Energy Income Trust
Tiverton Petroleum - See Case Study
Conseil de Dévelopement Économique de l’Alberta (Economic Development Council of Alberta)
Samson Exploration - See Case Study
Intrawest Corporation
Alberta Treasury Branches
The Town of Banff
The Toronto Board of Trade
Cadillac Fairview Corporation
The Canadian National Nordic Combined Team
Canadian Men's National Rugby Teams

In addition to these, through individual coaching programs, Richard has worked with corporate leaders, professional hockey players, golfers, figure skaters, ski racers and many other accomplished professional athletes, including several Olympians.

Becoming World Champion was the most complicated simple thing I have ever done.... My sport was simply an arena in which Richard helped me learn about myself. An arena in which I became me and achieved my potential!
-- Jeff Pain, 2006 Olympic Silver Medal, Skeleton; 2003, 2005 World Champion, Skeleton; 2005, 2006 World Overall Champion, Skeleton -- see Case Study

I knew after struggling through my second season on the world cup tour that my biggest problem was handling pressure and distractions. I wanted to work with someone who could help teach me how to manage all of these things. I believed that success would come eventually, but I needed to learn how to approach my competitions better.

Richard has been a tremendous influence on my season. He has helped me to feel more prepared, more confident, and more relaxed at the start line. He has helped me put everything into perspective and this has allowed me to focus on a much more simple and clear objective going into my races. Now I can compete and enjoy the experience…and not be afraid of the outcome. He has helped me learn how to honestly evaluate every aspect of my competitions and gain as much knowledge as possible from every experience. I am become a better athlete and a better competitor because of this new approach.

-- Helen Upperton, Pilot Canada One (Bobsled); 2006 Olympian; First Canadian Woman to win a Gold Medal on the World Cup Circuit -- see Case Study

As a retired member of the Canadian rugby team, I reached the top of my game as a direct result of Richard’s sport psychology counselling. Specifically, his feedback mechanisms allowed me to develop specific aspects of my mental and physical game, and more importantly added direction and intention to my training and performance.

As helpful as Richard’s advice was for my athletic career, the real benefit has come to me in my retirement from rugby. Where other high-end athletes have met with a feeling of dejection in their retirement, I have clear intentions of where I want be and know the actions needed to experience the lifestyle I want to live. Reflection on my successes has helped me discover who I am and find out what I really want in life. The best is yet to come.

-- Matt King
   RWC 2003
   RWC 7s 2005
   Commonwealth games
   Captain Canada 7s
   MVP Canada 7s

Richard, thanks for giving me the mental edge necessary to succeed.

-- Thomas Grandi, Olympic Downhill Skier and first Canadian to achieve
a podium finish in a technical event on the World Cup of ski racing

The complexity and time commitment required from most Executive Change Programs makes many leadership teams shy away from what could well be a value-adding initiative. Richard Monette, however, has a unique style that cuts out the “fluff” and focuses on simple, easy to comprehend and easy to execute improvements. His background in coaching world-class athletes and sports teams instantly translates into improved performance for corporations, and helps Richard build a proactive, dynamic approach to executive coaching. I recommend Richard to anyone interested in improving the bottom-line results generated by their leadership teams.
-- Bill Dirks, former president and CEO of Samson Canada
(Current President and CEO of Tecton Energy and Tecton Energy Canada) - see Case Study

One of Richard's greatest strengths is that he has inherent business wisdom – it doesn't matter the discipline within an industry or crossing industry boundaries, his grasp of business principles and the inter-relationship of, between and with management and employees comes naturally to him and he grasps a situation quickly. As well, his varied industry sports/business experience bring an effective and highly interesting twist to his coaching – it allows for Richard to coach an executive and provide them with extremely helpful insights assisting the executive or manager, helping them better understand and manage their daily tasks and deliver the organization’s strategic goals.

-- Jim Urquhart, Vice-President Land and Development, Samson Canada -- see Case Study

As a technology company, we are experiencing very fast growth. Richard has helped us to develop the skills required to effectively meet the challenges and also capitalize on opportunities. His approach produces tangible outcomes (results than can be measured) and practical strategies that work in our fast paced environment.

Richard challenges our team, moving us out of our individual and collective comfort zones and stretching our group to engage in candid reflection on performance and results. We rely less on standard problem solving approaches (a challenge that was holding us back) and place a greater emphasis on social engineering to resolve our challenges. We have a greater degree of candor amongst our management team, and an improved level of communication overall.

-- Kevin Blanchette, Chief Operating Officer, curveDental -- see Case Study

The clarity and purposefulness that Richard has brought to the way we organize our days and our work has helped us achieve some very good results, not just financially but also in terms of the effectiveness, motivation and, also, the happiness of our team.

-- Sarah Hayes, Chief Development Officer, The Banff Centre - see Case Study

Richard Monette communicates the methodology and skills that are required to link planning and process in order to achieve superior performance in business and life. I highly recommend his services.

-- Blake Lowden, President, Tiverton Petroleum - see Case Study

Tricon Solutions Inc. is a Calgary-based Project Management firm specializing in IT. Richard was hired to deliver a tailored session combining Going for Gold and Lead on Purpose. Here’s what Tricon's partners and consultants had to say about Richard’s presentation:

Our group was very satisfied and really enjoyed Richard Monette. Personally I can tell you that his passion for what he does clearly shows and he provided a very inspirational and motivating evening.

I really enjoyed the speaker. The most valuable learning was the matrix that he took us through. I appreciate that you engaged this speaker to help us with personal development.

I can apply the techniques that Richard discussed to make my time at work more focused and productive – I can also apply to personal life.

I was most intrigued by Richard Monette's model of acting from your internal purpose out and I liked the model he presented of energy / focus quadrants. This makes a lot of sense and explains why I can be busy busy busy without feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Retreating to your core strategic intention before deciding what action to take" (most valuable takeaway from the session).

I may have already said this, but I also thought the speaker was first rate. He had a solid process and an effective presentation style. I am "reflecting" on how to put it into action.

Feedback from Richard's session titled Innovate Yourself – Finding success in periods of change, delivered at the 2006 conference of the Intercultural Second Languages Council of the Alberta Teacher’s Association:

“Wow! I can’t say enough great things about this session. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This information you presented was inspirational and invaluable. Thank you so much!”

“This “general” session is the first of its kind I’ve ever attended at MLC/ISLC and I loved it. We definitely should have more such sessions. It’s empowering!”

“Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed today. Very encouraging! (This session should be a half-day session).”

“It was a great session. Very meaningful, encouraging and applicable for all teachers.”

“This one was really good! Richard exceeded my expectations.”

“It was great, but the time was so short. Please come back to the teacher’s convention.”

“Richard Monette was very knowledgeable and inspirational. He was a great presenter, but also gave good personal reflections for participants.”

“This session was great! It should be a half day because it requires a lot of introspection.”

When participants were asked to rate the presentation, Richard scored the following:
  • The presenter was knowledgeable: average score of 4/4 (100%)
  • The presenter met my expectations: average score of 3.9/4 (98%)
  • The session was well organized: average score of 3.9/4 (98%)
  • The material/AV enhanced the presentation: average score of 3.9/4 (98%)

Outstanding! Richard's content fit perfectly what we need to do to achieve success in 2007.
-- Ross Meredith, General Manager, Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire - on Richard's presentation to his management team during a corporate retreat.

On behalf of the executive committee of 'Sharing the Stage' conference, I would like to thank you very much for your inspirational presentation to our FSL teachers during the conference 'Sharing the Stage' on Jan 29-30, 2007. The purpose of the conference was to help the French as a Second Language teachers better understand their curriculum by using many strategies to reach that goal. Your keynote address gave them hope and helped them understand the important and role that they play as a teacher of a second language. Your very concrete examples based on your own experience convinced everyone of the need to balance their life be it professional, personal, social and spiritual. It is the key to success and happiness! Teachers often feel the pressure to be all to all people. Your presentation made them realize that they must be happy and satisfied with themselves first if they want to successfully fill in the very demanding mandate of answering the many needs of their students.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to our teachers and to help them cope with their very busy life. You were the man of the hour! Teachers evaluations revealed their great satisfaction with your positive message. I wish you good luck in your future endeavours and I hope that many other people will have the chance to listen to your great presentations.

-- Lise May, Sharing the Stage conference coordinator

Focus, discipline, calculated risk taking and creativity are essential components of a successful golfer's strategy. In the [Beyond Golf] program, Richard demonstrates how to master and incorporate these key element into everyday business and personal situations.

-- Gordon Smeaton, Vice President, International Marketing, National Football League

Richard Monette is a brilliant, powerful and energetic speaker.

-- Cheryl Ashton, Executive Director, National Screen Institute Canada - See Case Study

I realized Richard's presentation had connected with the participants but it was not until days following the staff golf tournament that I realized how much they took away from it. While most golf tournaments are memorable for anecdotal golf tales, our event was much more valuable because days later staff members were still referencing keys learning from the presentation. Richard exceeded the expectations of our management team by introducing an element of professional development that took a standard company golf day to a whole new level.

-- J. Van Zeumeren, VP Marketing, Movie Central

Through the Tee to Green program, I have learned to enhance my ability to focus on the task at hand, work in the present and my ability to plan strategically on a daily basis.

-- Linda Kepler, Team Leader, TransAlta Utilities

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