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CASE STUDY: Curve Technologies - Managing Rapid Growth While Preserving Vibrant Culture

The Scenario: Curve Technologies Inc (curveDental) is a stellar young dental technologies company leading the world of dentistry into Web-based data management systems by offering the first commercialized Web-based dental practice management application. Eliminating the need for third-party client-server software and services, curveDental's highly effective data management systems offer secure in-house, Web-based solutions for dental practices.

The Challenge:
Launched in April 2006, curveDental's systems have already garnered customers in 45 dental practices. Curve has identified a goal of reaching 4,620 dental practices in the next five 5 years, representing substantial short-term growth for this vibrant and decidedly young company.

To manage this rate of growth, the curveDental team needed to find a way to continue performing at a high level and within an increasingly demanding environment, while establishing and maintaining positive work-life balances.

At the same time, curveDental wished to meet these productivity and growth challenges without sacrificing the positive and constructive culture that characterized their team.

A Creative Solution: Given Richard’s vastly diverse experience and innovative approaches to both managing change and achieving top levels of performance, curveDental’s management team saw a Richard as a perfect fit. To address their challenges, Richard outlined the following approach:

  1. Implement the InnerWarrior Cycle™ – a systematic thinking and action sequence that leads to enhanced performance at the strategic, tactical and personal levels.
  2. Work with the team to define the intangible factors critical to sustain performance and success, clearly defining and improving on behavioural competencies leading to technical proficiency and overall success.
  3. Develop both team and personal action plans which identify:
    • Critical Success Factors (behaviors to implement)
    • Measures for the delivery of these Critical Success Factors
    • A plan for each team member to implement all Critical Success Factors identified.
  4. Schedule a monthly coaching meeting with each team member to track success in delivering his or her own action plan.
  5. Co-facilitate and/or facilitate a periodical Courageous Truthful Assessment using a custom-built scorecard. These steps have become a continuous part of curveDental management strategies, and will remain in place until the desired level of performance is achieved, or an exit strategy implemented.

The Outcome: With Richard’s assistance, curveDental now has an integrated development structure and support system in place. Curve’s culture has been preserved by defining and emphasizing the intangible elements of success, which in turn improve technical performance and productivity. The management team is highly adaptable, able to perform and thriving in an environment of continuous change.


“As a technology company, we are experiencing very fast growth. Richard has helped us to develop the skills required to effectively meet the challenges and also capitalize on opportunities. His approach produces tangible outcomes (results than can be measured) and practical strategies that work in our fast paced environment.

Richard challenges our team, moving us out of our individual and collective comfort zones and stretching our group to engage in candid reflection on performance and results. We rely less on standard problem solving approaches (a challenge that was holding us back) and place a greater emphasis on social engineering to resolve our challenges. We have a greater degree of candor amongst our management team, and an improved level of communication overall. “

-- Kevin Blanchette, Chief Operating Officer, curveDental

Moving Forward: As Curve Technologies continues to pursue its rigorous performance goals, Richard's process has expanded to include the sales team as well.

Update, November 2007

As Curve Technologies continues to pursue its rigorous performance goals, Richard has been named to Curve’s advisory board. Curve continues to grow and improve its level of performance. Over the last few months it has:

  • Achieved its sales objective;
  • Tripled the number of its employees;
  • Raised over $2 million in capital;
  • Continued to improve on its products.

Curve’s dynamism, innovation and energy comes from its young CEO Matt Dorey’s clear sense of purpose. As the company keeps growing, the challenge for Richard is to help Curve propagate the “Curve Culture of Purpose,” as he does with each of his clients.

We are making a massive impact on this $100-billion-a-year industry and are completely changing how business works for dental practices.

-- Matt Dorey, CEO, Curve Technologies

Read the Calgary Inc. magazine article about Matt Dorey, Curve’s CEO and how Curve Dental plans to change the dental industry.

PDF version of Curve Technologies Case Study