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CASE STUDY: A successful "PURPOSE" shift,
The National Screen Institute - Canada

National Screen Institute Canada logo

From 1999 to 2001, Richard Monette consulted with The National Screen Institute ­ Canada with the intent of improving their leadership, structure and performance

The NSI - Canada is the oldest national Canadian training school for writers, producers and directors working in film and television. Through a facilitation process, the NSI global intention evolved from developing filmmakers to developing STREET-SMART filmmakers.

The Implications
The CLEARER intention required the NSI to also provide their clients (aspiring filmmakers) with knowledge of the business side of film making.

This simple change required a shift in philosophy for the entire organization. The business savvy they required to include in their programs had to become an intricate part of the way the NSI conducted its own business. It had to make an effort to become part of the "establishment" and change from the inside instead of criticizing it from the outside.

This shift in INTENT required that the NSI assess their structure, process and people.

The Results
The NSI substantially increased the funding they receive from the film establishment in Canada and retooled their programs to develop filmmakers that combine artistry and business-savvy.