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Praise for Richard's Purposeful Leadership One-Day Workshop

In June 2008, Richard delivered his one-day Purposeful Leadership workshop to an intimate group of MPI members from the Greater Edmonton area. All participants took part in a follow-up questionnaire, and the results were glowing.

When asked to rate the following dimensions, 100% of participants replied ‘To a very great extent’:

  • Delivery of the presentation was organized and met the stated learning objectives
  • Speaker’s presentation skills were engaging and kept your attention
  • Speaker knew the subject matter and provided information that was relevant and useful
  • Time allotted for questions, answers and discussion was sufficient
  • The content met your educational expectations

When rating the following dimensions, 100% of participants indicated either ‘To a very great extent’ or ‘To a great extent’:

  • The content presented was consistent with the level you anticipated
  • You are likely to apply the new information or skills to your job / work setting
  • The handout added value to the presentation

Below are a few of the verbatim comments offered by the workshop participants:

One of the most empowering seminars I have attended!

Lots of interaction with group; thought-provoking discussion as group or one-on-one, since we were a smaller group; speaker was very encouraging to everyone and made everyone feel that they were special and had something important to contribute.

(Richard) is a great person and great speaker!

The size of the group was terrific; we were able to engage the speaker and ask questions when needed. Overall, I loved this presentation and thought that (Richard) did a terrific job!

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